Ancient Words Ever True

Devotional by Amanda Kepple

We have been taught at a young age to read the Bible; some of us were told by our parents and Sunday school teachers to read the Bible everyday, and to keep the words of the Gospel close to our hearts. But I think as kids, not all of us understood why the Bible was such an important book to read and remember.

Now as an adult, I see why we taught from the Bible; it’s so much more than just stories from our ancestors with sprinkles of morals to remember daily, it is a book filled to the brim with God’s unchanging and faultless words; it is specific instructions, commandments, and words of wisdom, faith, power, love, and hope passed down from generation to generation.

That’s why we were taught to keep the word of God so close to our hearts and it is also why I love the song “Ancient Words” because the verses proclaim what we as believers already know and then some ; that God’s word is full of life, faith, love hope, and power; it is as the song put it ever true; and while His word is unchanging, when we live our lives in remembrance of His word it changes us to be more like Him; is it also meant as guide to bring us back to Him when we lose our way.

I love the third verse of the song when it says “Holy words of our faith, handed down to this age, came to us through sacrifice, oh heed the faithful words of Christ,” because it reminds that a price had to be paid in order for us to have the Gospel; it also serves as a warning that had it not been for Christ coming down to earth, serving among us, dying on the cross for our sins, and rising from the grave, we would be forever lost and separated from God, so we should heed, remember and apply the faithful words and commandments of Christ.

The song also implies that we are meant to spread or “impart” The Gospel to those who don’t know God, and don’t know about His amazing words and deeds so those same ancient words that guided us to Christ through His Holy Spirit working in us, can lead them back to Him. “I will rejoice in the simple Gospel. I will rejoice in you Lord.”

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