Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, I experienced a bit of a rocky childhood.  As I struggled to keep up with others in my kindergarten class in learning to read, write, and interact in social settings, it became increasingly evident that there was something different about me internally.  That led to a testing and diagnosis for […]

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs.  My family was Catholic, but we really were not very good Catholics and rarely went to church.  I really knew nothing about God, and I felt as if we only went through the motions.  It was very structured. Repeat this phrase, sit, stand, kneel, etc.… It was not until I went away […]

A large portion of this testimony was written on November 7th, 2018, 10 months after professing faith in Jesus Christ. There is a short update at the bottom written on May 22, 2018, four days before I am to be baptized. “How anybody could believe in an omniscient supernatural being floating in the sky is […]

By Lisa Kelley I love the book of Psalms for many reasons, but mostly because David keeps it real. No matter where he is in life or in his relationship with God, he writes and expresses his feelings from a place of genuineness. The reader goes from joy to suffering in one fail swoop. In […]

“If Jesus can save me, he can save anyone.”  I heard this growing up over and over again. I never could understand what people meant when they said it. I’d often think, “how bad could your life really be?” I was raised in a church family, although most of my father’s side does not believe; […]

A year ago, LIFE Worship Arts determined that it was important for our teammates to know each other’s Christian testimonies. For several months now, a member of LIFE Worship has chosen to share their story each Sunday morning with their teammates. Prior to sharing their story with our team, team members are asked to go […]